How Taking a Journalistic Approach Wins More Business by Adele Revella

Episode #71

Today’s Ask an Expert, Adele Revella, is the Founder and CEO of the Buyer Persona Institute. They take a journalistic approach to interviewing recent & actual buyers that are in their client’s space revealing the real buying decisions, for individuals and committees.

Adele talks about changes to buying decisions in recent months, and she also shares a powerful insight about focusing on how you want to fill your day and how that should drive what you want to be.  Finally, she shares “the worst year of my life” while she wrote a book and how valuable that book has been for her personally and professionally.

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“Your Buyer Persona needs to be based on real buyers making real buying decisions recently, and on the discovery that you can have through interviews: real buyers depicting how they make these decisions.”

Adele Revella

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