20 Punchcard Rule: Your Yes’es Mean More Than You Think by Adam Dailey

Episode #25 | May 22, 2020
Warren Buffett famously said that investing is like having a punch card with 20 slots on it… what you say “yes” to is put into a new light when you see that you only have a few shots at it, so make them count. Adam Dailey, a serial entrepreneur, author, and former professional athlete from San Diego. His businesses mostly revolve around the real estate and hospitality industry, which has been one of the hardest-hit recently.

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“I’d say probably 20% of the world in any given group is getting better right now. Probably 40% is getting worse, probably 40% is in the status quo. So, which do you want to be? Because fundamentally is up to you, one way or the other.” Adam Dailey

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