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What is omni-channel marketing?

Omni-channel marketing is a unique approach where the focus is on the target audience, and the specific channels that they’re already listening to; both offline and online. This customer-first approach creates a harmonious campaign across all marketing channels resulting in increased response rates and ROI; as much as 37% campaign lift according to recent studies.

Is multi-channel marketing the same as omni-channel marketing?

No. Simply put, multi-channel marketing is the process of marketing across different channels, regardless of cohesive messaging and targeting. Omni-channel improves the multi-channel approach by delivering the same harmonious message, to the same person, across the channels that they’re paying attention to. This ensures multiple impressions lifting campaign performance and increasing ROI.

What types of marketing are included in omni-channel?

First, we start by developing a custom target audience profile, through modeling from your current customer file, or by creating an ideal customer profile. At that point, we utilize direct mail, email, social media (Facebook / Instagram / Linkedin), mobile displays, and desktop retargeting.

How do I know if omni-channel marketing is right for my business?

The data shows that omni-channel marketing improves existing marketing strategies because of its customer-first approach. Visit our ROI Calculator to see what kind of campaign boosts you could potentially see. So, it’s not as much about if it’s right for your business, rather the question is, how does one go about executing an omni-channel campaign?

This is where we come in. We’ve already integrated the data appending technology to add these additional touch points for each record, and then we have the marketing platform to automatically execute your campaign harmoniously across the multiple channels. For a free one-on-one consultation, let’s connect.

How many impressions will each target audience receive?

Each person in the campaign can expect to receive anywhere from 7-8 impressions. The exact number is tough to nail down as we have to wait until the target list is compiled, and then appended to get the additional contact points from physical address, email, social media handles, mobile device and desktop matching. Depending on all of the touch points matched (current match rate is 80-90%) we’ll send a mail piece, 2 emails, and multiple touches in the digital space from social media posts to app and desktop retargeting. Rest assured that no ad impressions will go to waste – they will always be served to the next audience on your list.

How long does it take to get a campaign get delivered?

From start to finish a typical campaign takes approximately 5 business days to execute once we have finished the artwork. Depending on the complexity of the project (folding, inserting, metering, stamp affixing, etc.) may require additional time.

Physical in-home delivery of direct mail typically takes 2-10 days depending on selected mailing service. Digital channels are typically coordinated to be delivered to sync with the mailed piece as much as possible. However, we do have the ability to adjust delivery schedules as needed. Campaign scheduling is part of our service, so you can enjoy the maximum impact possible out of every single time.

What types of mailing lists are available?

We’re glad you asked – we consider this another offering that makes Propelo Media unique. First off, we can use your own customer file, which would include our appending service to gather additional touch points. Other options include ResponseLift™, our customer modeling tool where we take your list, analyze, and then go into your market to find more “lookalike-customers” – the idea is to get the lowest hanging prospects for you to reach out to.

We have access to life trigger data from new movers, newly married or new parents. We also offer the ability to use a combination of your list and one of our targeted lists on the same campaign.

Can I use my own list?

Yes, we can use your list and will still do our data appending matching so you can enjoy the benefits of omni-channel marketing. We also offer the ability to use a combination of your list and one of our targeted lists on the same campaign.

How do I know that the privacy of my list will be protected?

Data integrity and privacy is incredibly important to us. Accordingly, since our beginning, we’ve ensured that our technology and standards are aligned to protect and securely restrict your data to your campaign only.

What kinds of mail pieces do you offer?

Our direct mail offering includes:

  1. Premium cardstock postcards (multiple sizes available)
  2. Plastic-laminated postcards with pop-outs (multiple sizes available)
  3. Letters and inserts into #10 business or 6×9” envelopes (custom project, higher project minimums may apply)

Do you allow for A/B testing?

Yes, our goal is to ensure you get the optimal campaign results so you can establish a viable ongoing marketing channel. Accordingly, A/B testing is one of the best tools you can use to refine and improve your campaign’s success. We’ll work with you after each campaign round to precisely identify where each conversion came from.

What should I expect as a client?

You should expect partnership that is focused on understanding your business, your industry, and your business needs. The level of commitment is focused on finding the right target audience and then executing using omni-channel direct marketing. Accordingly, given the scope of our projects, we ask that you be ready to embrace this omni-channel approach that’s focused on getting you better results.

What kinds of postage options are available?

We’ll start first by telling you that you don’t need to have your own mailing permit with the Post Office. Because we’re a full-service marketing company we already have a mailing permit that allows us access to the best postage discounts, which we pass along to you.

We’ve outlined the options in detail below, but generally speaking, First-Class is the way to go if you have something that’s private or time sensitive. If you’re not in a rush, Standard Mail is a great way to save money on postage. If you’re a non-profit and qualify, then we can mail out at the non-profit postage rate using your USPS non-profit authorization, see below for details.

First-Class Mail is equivalent to the mail you deliver with stamps or meters. They have faster delivery times, usually between two to seven business days depending on distance, location, and time of year. USPS provides guaranteed return service for First Class mails, for no additional fees.

Standard Mail (also called Bulk Mail) is more affordable, slower, but also as effective. Bulk mailing time can range between five to 10 business days depending on several factors, including distance, location, and time of year. Return service is not automatic, but there are ways to include return service on Standard Mail.

Non-Profit / 501(c) organizations do get additional postage discounts from USPS, and we will pass on these savings to you too! Having said that, USPS is very strict in making sure that you do qualify for this privilege, so work with us to ensure that your mailers do not get disqualified because you fail to meet the requirements.

NOTE: Being a 501(c) non-profit does NOT automatically make you eligible for non-profit postage rates; you have to apply and be certified directly by USPS. For eligibility and process details, please contact your local Postmaster.

What is the minimum size of a campaign?

Our minimum campaign engagement is 25,000+ records. If the designs do not change and you’d like to stagger that over a few weeks, or months, you can consider using our print-and-hold service.

What is print-and-hold service?

When it comes to printing specifically, the larger the quantity, the cheaper the individual per-piece price becomes. But mailing them all at once may not be such a good idea since (a) it can get really expensive, and (b) mailing too many may flood you with too much business to handle effectively.

That’s where our print-and-hold service comes in. We will print in bulk for you to lower your printing costs, yet mail the materials over time, so your mailing campaign can fit within your monthly marketing budget. We generally print what you plan to mail in about three to six months’ time. The flexibility of print-and-hold is tremendous, you can choose to saturate an entire ZIP code in bite-size chunks over time, or you may choose to mail to the same targets to increase your brand awareness or a combination of both. With us, your marketing plan will be customizable to your business needs and type.

How do I get started?

Call us at 888-617-6245 to get a free one-on-one consultation, or start here. Alternatively, if you’ve still got questions that weren’t answered here you can email us at

Still have questions?

Try our simple ROI Calculator to see the omni-channel lift you’ll get.